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The Eden Health District has been a leader in encouraging and supporting innovative health care exploration and solves significant health care issues in the Eden Health District. The Community Health Fund invests in programs that provide direct health care services, health education, health maintenance, health promotion, prevention programs and services and access to health services. All funded grants have gone through a peer-review process which meets the standards of the district.

It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. – Albert Einstein

The Eden Health District has been a leader in encouraging and supporting innovative health care exploration and solves significant health care issues in the Eden Health District. The Community Health Fund invests in programs that provide direct health care services, health education, health maintenance, health promotion, prevention programs and services and access to health services. All funded grants have gone through a peer-review process which meets the standards of the district.

Modern imaging equipment to support San Leandro Hospital’s large and growing patient population in achieving optimal health outcomes and quality of life.  Increase San Leandro Hospital’s capacity to serve more patients due to reduction in time to take images with a CT scanner, having adequate back-up capacity with a digital mobile x-ray, and having equipment onsite with a fluoroscopy machine.  This will ensure sufficient diagnostic capabilities to adopt a centralized service model of imaging services at San Leandro Hospital, which represents the most efficient model of medical care.  $10,000.00

The San Leandro Boys & Girls Club Great Minds Wellness Program is partnering with Davis Street to provide direct support to families of the youth they serve at 22 school sites in the San Leandro and San Lorenzo public school districts, provide resource information to families to other organizations ranging from learning disability support, art therapy and more, provide psychological assessments where needed and appropriate referrals, and provide a specific case worker who manages referrals to specific youth/family cases for therapeutic services.  $25,000.00

The Post 9601 Veterans Relief Fund is an ongoing project. The core of the organization is veterans taking care of veterans.  The Relief Fund purpose is to provide support to veterans in their time of need.  The support provided from the Relief Fund will go to basic necessities such as shelter, medications, food, etc.

Will provide culturally competent, in language online assistance to Afghan refugee families, assisting them in navigating healthcare systems, accessing healthy food, and learning English.  $10,000.00

To provide mental health, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention services to students and adults from Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, and Cherryland.  $25,000.00

The Senior Meals Program provides nutritionally-tailored meals to seniors age 60 and better throughout the Eden Health District.  $25,000.00

Will support a capacity building partnership and volunteer program for the purpose of deploying meals more efficiently in the Eden District. The partnership and volunteer program will increase cost and service efficiencies by enabling the Meals on Wheels Program to manage a service hub for volunteers in Castro Valley which will improve their ability to address the issues, including maintaining service to an expanded caseload.  The service hub is made possible through a partnership with the First Presbyterian Church of Hayward.  $25,000.00

The 211 Alameda County Communication System is often the first step for vulnerable people who do not know where to turn for help and are unsure of how to navigate the maze of government agencies and community-based organizations that provide assistance. The free and simple three-digit telephone number (211) connects contacts in Alameda County with a live Community Resource Specialist who introduces them to various crisis intervention services, basic needs services, and strengthening  services, including affordable housing, job training, childcare, legal assistance, health services, emergency shelter, education, food, transportation, and other basic needs assistance.  211 Alameda County services are available 24/7 in over 300 languages.  $20,000.00

To improve the health, wellness and resiliency of Hayward and San Leandro residents facing significant risk factors for poor health outcomes through wellness navigation services, grief support, and parenting education that reduce stressors, improve family functioning, and build protective factors.  $25,000.00

Funds a bilingual Mandarin staff position to improve emergency food distribution.  The goal for food distribution is to be able to keep serving as many families as they can.  By having a bilingual team member that speaks will help them reach their goal of serving the Eden Health District area more equitably for community members that are food insecure.  $25,000.00

Funds will support the Pediatric Palliative Care Nursing Education, Training, and Employment Initiative which will benefit patients from the Eden Health District.  $10,000.00

Funding will support the provision of outreach and comprehensive health services to increase healthcare access for youth at San Lorenzo High Health Center and Fuente Wellness Center.  $25,000.00

Program will address the devastating effects of childhood traumas to promote emotional healing and positive physical health for local, low-income individuals and families.  $25,000.00

This Project is directed at and focused on Covid-19 Relief and Recovery for Older  Despite the improvements made to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of seniors as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the public health state of emergency persists in the State of California and also throughout the County of Alameda.  It is important that the deficiencies exposed from this public health crisis that impacts the quality of life for seniors are addressed to the best of our ability.  $5,000.00

Program consists of crisis-oriented services provided on site when a family is first referred to CALICO and follow-up services that result in positive mental health and healing.  The program will enhance support to mental health caregivers, enhance support and foster the mental health of the victim child, increase the number of medical exams for victims of severe child sexual abuse, and minimize trauma to abused children.  $25,000.00

San Leandro-based 30-bed homeless shelter and 20-bed domestic violence safe house, and domestic violence outreach, support, and education, focused on connecting participants to permanent housing.  The agency helps reduce homelessness and domestic violence in mid-Alameda County communities through effective, equitable, and high-quality services and active collaboration with other agencies.  $25,000.00

A multi-phase project for a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-A-Like which will provide integrated and co-located primary and behavioral health care in a culturally-responsive, patient-centered model leveraging the lived experience of qualified staff and La Familia’s reputation as a trusted messenger in the local community.  $420,000.00 (Special One Time Grant)

The program will assist needy veterans with help in funding and support from their Relief Fund which will go to basic necessities such and help with medications, food, rent, etc.$5,000.00

To provide support to veterans in their time of need. The support will provide shelter, utilities, and food for veterans who are in need. $5,000.00

Daybreak’s RRCM pilot program employs a very intensive, short term case management model to address issues of high utilization of emergency medical services by older adults for non-emergency causes. Through this model, they aim to: (1) increase access to community-based health and social services; (2) improve quality of lives; and (3) reduce health care costs. $25,000.00

SAVE is committed to serving youth through prevention and intervention efforts focused on improving health outcomes secondary to domestic violence. SAVE’s counseling services also provide pregnant/parenting, LGBTQ+ youth, and abused youth with therapy and support. $5,000.00

 Meals on Wheels prepares and delivers meals to seniors at risk of malnutrition and isolation living in Central Alameda County. Their clients receive daily home meals, a daily safety check from their delivery driver, a minimum of two home visits annually, are assigned a case manager as needed, and receive supplemental food as necessary. $25,000.00

Funds will support programs located in the Eden District to assist homeless domestic violence survivors and their families to become permanently housed and rebuild their lives. $25,000.00

 Funds will provide case management services, linking underserved Hayward and San Leandro based families experiencing trauma, violence and health disparities to services to improve individual health and family functioning. $22,500.00

FACES for the Future Hayward is an internship and leadership development program that partners with the Eden Area Regional Occupational Program to serve underrepresented 11th and 12th grade students interested in the health professions. The program provides students from San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Castro Valley, and Hayward with four core components of programming: Health Careers Exploration, Academic Enrichment, Wellness Support, and Youth Leadership Development. $25,000.00

2-1-1 Alameda County is a free, 24/7 phone service which provides callers access to housing, healthcare, disaster relief, and more. This service connects callers in Alameda County with a live Phone Line Resource Specialist who introduces them to resources and advocates who can help with a variety of needs including affordable housing, job training, child care, legal assistance, health services, emergency shelter, education, food, and other basic needs assistance. $15,000.00

Farming Food as Medicine program will provide, in partnership with Alameda County’s ALL IN program, healthy nutrient-dense vegetables to food insecure diabetic patients. $25,000.00

Improves the physical and mental health of limited income older adults in Alameda County by coordinating the distribution of nutritious groceries to each household twice a month, free of charge. The program not only combats malnutrition, it also combats loneliness. Both recipients and volunteers build community and are introduced to many new resources due to their collaboration with 65 senior organizations, all of which help recipients improve their quality of life, and ability to age in place. $25,000.00

Funds will support the provision of pediatric palliative care to children with life-limiting illness and their families in the Eden Health District. $10,000.00

Funds will replace the Hayward Fire Department’s training manikins for CPR and other Emergency Medical Services training functions which are over 10 years old. The manikins are highly used for regular training of 115 fire fighters, as well as community groups. $10,000.00

The program will improve mental health outcomes for toddlers, children and teens as well as adult victims with developmental disabilities who have suffered abuse, as well as their families, by supporting caregivers through the immediate and long-term aftermath of the crisis. $25,000.00

Program will boost mental health education, suicide prevention, and crisis intervention services to non-native English speakers within Central Alameda County. $5,000.00

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