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Appointment to the board

When the District Board of Directors is notified of a vacancy or upcoming vacancy on its Board, the Board of Directors shall determine at a regular board meeting or special board meeting whether to fill the vacancy by election or appointment.

In order to be eligible to be appointed, a person must be a resident of, and registered to vote, in the District.

If the Board decides to fill the vacancy by appointment, the following shall apply:

  • A Notice of Vacancy will be posted for at least 15 days in at least three conspicuous places in the District, including on the District’s website.
  • The District will advertise and fill the vacancy according to the procedures set forth by law in Government Code Section 1780 and Health and Safety Code Section 32100.
  • Persons interested in the vacant Board position shall submit an application and statement of interest/qualifications to the District office.
  • The Board of Directors will appoint a replacement within 60 days after either the date on which the District Board is notified of the vacancy or the effective date of the vacancy, whichever is later.

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