Mask On Public Education Posters

Members of the public are welcome to download and share or print the Eden Health District’s Mask On posters. The posters were developed in collaboration with the Alameda County Public Health Department and the Cities of Hayward and San Leandro.
Mask On Ashland
Mask On Ashland – Spanish
Mask On Ashland-Chinese
Mask On Castro Valley English
Mask On Castro Valley Spanish
Mask On Castro Valley Chinese
Mask On Cherryland English
Mask On Cherryland Spanish
Mask On Cherryland Chinese
Mask On Hayward English
Mask On Hayward Spanish
Mask On Hayward Chinese
Mask On San Leandro English
Mask On San Leandro Spanish
Mask On San Leandro Chinese
Mask On San Lorenzo English
Mask On San Lorenzo Spanish
Mask On San Lorenzo Chinese