Our Future

The Eden Health District has taken a leadership role in regional healthcare planning to ensure that the residents of the District continue to have access to quality medical services. The District has the opportunity to work on a regional planning effort to ensure continuity and accessibility to a wide range of health services in central Alameda County. The District’s goal is to bring a long-term commitment to residents of the District in San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Hayward, the Ashland/Cherryland area, and the Fairview area.

The Eden Health District Board of Directors meets at least annually in special planning sessions, and with public input and Board review, priorities of the District are developed, evaluated, and revised.

Also, the Board of Directors and the District’s Community Health Advisory Committee continually evaluate programs and the current healthcare needs in Alameda County.

On April 29, 2022 the Board of Directors formally adopted a revised strategic plan for Eden Health District.   The 2022 Strategic Plan can be found here.