Stanford WELL for Life Program

Eden Health District is pleased to partner with Stanford Prevention Research Center on their WELL for Life program.

WELL for Life provides a fresh approach, encouraging participants to take steps that make them feel better now, and in the future. Participants in WELL get free access to challenges, resources, and ways to improve well-being from the WELL team. They gain insight about how to improve their nutrition and diet, physical activity, social connectedness, sleep, stress management, and more. They’ll also contribute to science’s understanding of well-being, and how different factors contribute to improving overall health, wellness, and well-being.

WELL stands for the Stanford Wellness Living Laboratory, which seeks to accelerate the science behind wellness and well-being in the US, and globally. WELL for Life is recruiting 10,000 participant cohorts in each of four locations–WELL Bay Area, WELL China, WELL Taiwan, and WELL Singapore—to answer questions about the many different factors that impact health, wellness, and well-being. WELL is also gathering biosamples from participants in China, Taiwan, and Singapore to determine if there are any genetic predictors associated with well-being.

WELL for Life investigators are part of the Stanford School of Medicine, in the Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC). SPRC has been at the forefront of wellness and health promotion for the last half-century. WELL investigators have been instrumental in setting national and international standards for community-based interventions aimed at improving diet, reducing smoking, increasing physical activity, and reducing the risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease. With WELL for Life, these health promotion experts are using their knowledge to help people learn how to optimize their own health, wellness, and well-being, while furthering the science of health and wellness promotion.

To learn more about the WELL for Life program or to sign up, please visit their website at: WELL for Life