The Eden Health District builds partnerships with organizations to ensure access to health services in our community.


In 1948, Eden Health District was created to build and operate Eden Hospital in Castro Valley.  In 1997, residents of the District voted to approve the hospital’s affiliation with Sutter Health, creating a unique partnership between the two organizations. In 1998, Eden Medical Center became a private, not-for-profit hospital.

That year marked a fundamental change for the District. The members of the Board embraced two areas of responsibility: to improve the health of the people in our community by investing resources in health and wellness programs, and oversight and management of the Community Health Fund which is the District’s grants program.

In 2004, the District purchased San Leandro Hospital and leased the hospital to Eden Medical Center to operate, under a consolidated license, as an extension of the Castro Valley campus. The District’s ownership of San Leandro Hospital was transferred to Sutter Health in 2012. Sutter Health then transferred it’s ownership in San Leandro Hospital to Alameda Health Systems in 2013.

In 2007, the District and Sutter Health reached an agreement to pave the way for a new hospital in Castro Valley, to replace the original Eden Hospital and meet the state’s stringent earthquake standards.  The new Eden Medical Center opened in December 2012.


In October, 2015 Eden Health District and Davis Street Family Resource Center joined forces to provide enhanced medical services to the community.  With having an established 20-year working relationship, both local agencies spent more than 18 months to structure a program that meets the strategic and operational goals of their respective communities.  The missions of the two nonprofit entities are closely aligned and proved to be the impetus for the ultimate formation of the partnership.

The benefits of the enhanced services to be provided by the partnership are expanded medical and preventive health related services to its area residents.  Two service areas are highlighted for expansion through the Partnership: a Diabetic Management Program and the Community Behavioral Health Program.