Eden Health District Acknowledges National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

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By Barbara Adranly

Eden Health District Board member Mariellen Faria recently accepted a proclamation (see below) from the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD), on behalf of the children and families of our community, declaring September National Childhood Obesity Awareness month.

“Childhood obesity continues to be a significant health concern locally and nationally. Research has shown that access to physical activity is essential to improve health and wellness. The availability of public parks and recreation creates healthy communities,” Faria said when accepting the proclamation on August 22. 

“HARD has and continues to make parks and recreation available throughout the district. The more accessible the parks are to the community, the more of an impact they make on the health and well-being of children. Eden Health District supports HARD’s efforts to curb childhood obesity by building more community parks and creating recreation opportunities for children and adults,” she added. 

Eden Health District looks forward to continued collaboration with HARD to improve the health and wellness of all members of our community.


National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

WHEREAS, September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month; and

WHEREAS, during the past four decades, obesity rates have soared among all age groups, increasing more than fourfold among children ages 6-11; and

WHEREAS, 31.8 percent or 23 million children and teenagers ages 2-19 are obese or overweight, a statistic that health and medical experts consider an epidemic; and

WHEREAS, significant disparities exist among the obesity rates of children based on ethnicity and economic status; and

WHEREAS, the financial implications of childhood obesity pose a financial threat to our economy and healthcare system, carrying up to $14 billion per year in direct healthcare costs, with people in the United States spending about 9 percent of their total medical costs on obesity-related illnesses; and

WHEREAS, due in part to the childhood obesity epidemic, 1 in 3 children (and nearly 1 in 2 minority children) born in the year 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes at some point in their lifetime if current trends continue; and

WHEREAS, some consequences of childhood and adolescent obesity are psychosocial and can hinder academic and social functioning and persist into adulthood; and

WHEREAS, participating in physical activity is important for children and teens as it can have beneficial effects not only on body weight but also on blood pressure and bone strength; and

WHEREAS, proper nutrition is important for children before birth and through their lifespan as nutrition has beneficial effects on health and body weight, and is important in the prevention of chronic diseases; and

WHEREAS, public, community-based, and private sector organizations and individuals throughout the United States are working to decrease childhood obesity rates in the United States through a range of efforts including educational presentations, media campaigns, websites, policies, healthier food options, and greater opportunities for physical activity; and

WHEREAS, the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District is extremely proud of our parks and recreational facilities and programs and their contribution to building healthy active lifestyles to recreate, play and build self-esteem, confidence and sense of self-worth, which contributes to the quality of life in our community;

NOW, THEREFORE, Let it be proclaimed that the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Board of Directors does hereby declare the Month of September as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

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