Eden Health District Checks into 2016 with $250K in Grants Given and New Focus

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By Barbara Adranly

Eden Health District rings in the New Year with a new name,“Eden Health District,” (EHD) a new logo, and $250K in Community Health Fund Grants, (an increase of 25% from the District’s grant awards in 2014). On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, the EHD Board of Directors approved grant recommendations presented by the EHD Community Health Advisory Committee (CHAC). As required by District protocol, all grant applications received on deadline are vetted first by the EHD CHAC and then presented to the EHD Board for approval.

“2016 will not only bring a new identity for us at Eden Health District, but, a new focus to our mission of  improving the health of the people in our community. by investing resources in health and wellness programs,”says Dev Mahadevan, Eden Health District CEO. While our Community Health Funds (Grants) Program will continue as an important part of our effort to keep people healthy by investing resources in local health and wellness programs, we have an opportunity this year to better inform and educate our community on health issues and preventive measures they can take to stay healthy.This year we’ll be embarking on a new program to help people become more aware of and responsible for their health care issues. Starting in March, Eden Health District will sponsor a series of monthlyHealth Information and Education outreach events.”

Since 1999 EHD has given more than $9.0 million in grants to non-profit organizations and some government agencies within the District’s communities.The District’s funding priorities are based on under-served areas such as Ashland/Cherryland and Hayward, services provided directly to the community, referrals to services for those who are not aware of available health care options, as well as services to veterans and seniors.

The following local non-profit organizations are the recipients of this year’s grant funding:

  • Eden I & R: 2-1-1 Alameda County is a toll-free, 24/7 phone service that provides callers with information and referrals to health, housing, and human services in more than 150 languages. $18,000.00                    
  • CV VFW Post 9601: To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military, and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all veterans. And to ensure veterans are respected for their service, receive their earned entitlements, and are recognized for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made. $5,000.
  • George Mark Children’s House: Pediatric palliative care facility which provides life-enhancing medical care and family support for children with illnesses that modern healthcare cannot yet cure, and for those with complex medical issues. $15,000.00
  • San Leandro Unified School District: Peer Educators and Navigators who will identify, develop and facilitate health-related presentations/projects for their peers.$10,000.00
  • CALICO Center: Building Resiliency Project to improve mental-health for toddlers, children and teens, as well as adult victims with developmental disabilities, who have suffered abuse. $25,000.00
  • Mercy Retirement & Care Center: Brown Bag Program which helps low-income seniors in Alameda County maintain their health through the distribution of nutritious groceries, twice a month, free of charge. $12,500.00
  • Spectrum Community Services: Fall Risk Reduction Program prevents falls among high-risk Eden Area seniors, thus improving health outcomes and preventing expensive hospitalization. $25,000.00
  • La Familia Counseling Service: Wellness First program will provide on-site early intervention and mental health services to English as a Second Language and transitional age youth. $25,000.00
  • SOS Meals on Wheels: Prepares and delivers nutritious meals and daily check in visits for at-risk seniors so that they can continue to live independently at home for as long as safely possible. $25,000.00
  • East Bay Agency for Children: Child Assault Prevention Training Center provides 32 violence prevention workshops at high-risk San Leandro schools, as well as mental health services and Trauma Awareness Groups. $25,000.00
  • Foundation for Osteoporosis Research Foundation: is the premier resource for osteoporosis information and education and bone health promotion in Northern California and a national leader in developing proven models for treatment, intervention and prevention of osteoporosis throughout the cycle of life and among diverse populations. $14,000.00
  • Cal. Society to Prevent Blindness: is devoted to the preservation of sight for the people of Northern California. We accomplish this through direct vision screening services, vision screening training programs, public education, and advocacy. $20,500.00
  • Building Futures with Women & Children: Emergency Shelter and Domestic Violence Services to Eden Area Women and Children which provides services for homeless and abused women and children, as well as provides domestic violence outreach and education services. $10,000.00
  • Cherryland Elementary/Cherryland PTA: At the forefront of the full service community school movement in Hayward Unified School District, Cherryland Elementary has created strong collaborative partnerships to advance the health and wellness of the entire Cherryland community and make health-related services more accessible and affordable, especially to under-served, high-risk/special needs students and their families.  $20,000.00

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