Our Future

ETHDThe Eden Health District has taken a leadership role in regional healthcare planning to ensure that the residents of the District continue to have access to quality medical services. The District has the opportunity to work on a regional planning effort to ensure continuity and accessibility to a wide range of health services in central Alameda County. The District’s goal is to bring a long-term commitment to residents of the District in San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Hayward and surrounding communities.

In May, 2013 the Board of Directors formally adopted a strategic plan for Eden Health District (amended in February, 2014).

The District’s Strategic Plan highlights the priorities in which it will carry its mission forward by:

  • Providing educational programs to promote health among adults and children in collaboration with schools, libraries, and health centers.
  • Providing funding through the Community Health Fund for the underserved population of the District.
  • Providing services directly, such as urgent care or outpatient psychiatric services which are needed in the community.
  • Continuing to maintain investment properties that serve a medical or health purpose or provide revenue that may support such a purpose.
  • Strategically managing and divesting itself of properties that may better promote the District’s other strategies.
  • Increasing awareness of the District’s purpose and value to the residents of the District as evidenced by substantial increase in the number of people of the District who understand its purpose and its services to the community.
  • Remaining financially sound and manage its operations towards this goal.

The full text of the District’s Strategic Plan can be found here.