San Leandro Hospital

San Leandro HospitalOn July 1, 2004, the Eden Health District purchased San Leandro Hospital from Triad Hospitals Inc., an investor-owned hospital company based in Plano, Texas. The District and Triad had been discussing regional health issues for some time, and during discussions it became apparent that the District’s purchase of San Leandro Hospital would benefit the communities served by the hospitals. Upon the purchase, the District leased the hospital to Eden Medical Center, and the two hospitals came together under one consolidated license.

The Board of Directors identified several objectives in this process:

  • Continuation of the District’s mission to preserve and enhance the health of the community by investing resources in health care services that meet the needs of patients and the community.
  • Continued access to quality health services in and for San Leandro residents.
  • Continued regional health care planning for the replacement of Eden Medical Center.
  • Commitment to work closely with and within the San Leandro community of health care providers.

Today, San Leandro Hospital operates as part of the Alameda Health System.