About the Grant Program

ETHDSince 1998, the Eden Health District has provided grants to non-profit and government agencies to improve the health and well-being of local residents. This is the first time that significant funds have been available specifically for central Alameda County residents, enabling local agencies to boost services to people of all ages and needs.

These grants have proven to be a valuable resource to these agencies and to the public.

The following priorities are based on community needs and are set forth to help guide interested organizations in determining eligibility for funding through the Community Health Fund project grants:

    • Direct patient care/health care service
    • Support effective health education, prevention and intervention programs, both new and existing, that demonstrate measurable outcomes
    • Encourage commitment to and education about health and health issues
    • Efforts to make health care more accessible and affordable, especially to under-served residents of the Eden Health District;
    • Delivery of health-related services to high-risk/special needs populations, with specific and measurable outcomes that advance the health and wellness of these populations;
    • Programs that address health concerns of the Ashland, Cherryland, and South Hayward communities;
    • Programs that demonstrate collaboration with other organizations to meet the identified needs above.

Eligible organizations may apply for:

    • Small Grants, up to $5,000
    • Large Grants, up to $25,000

The applications and guidelines for these grants are different. Please visit the application page for more information.

The Eden Health District looks for opportunities to help create strategic alliances among individuals and organizations, harnessing their collective power to confront, explore and solve significant health care issues in the Eden Health District.

For more information, contact Barbara Adranly at (510) 538-2031 ext. 201