Policies & Procedures


Policy 101        Bidding, Purchasing and the Awarding of Contracts

Policy 102        Conflict of Interest Code and Policy

Policy 104        Use of Legal Counsel

Policy 105        Statement of Investment Policy

Policy 106        Records Retention and Destruction Policy

Policy 107        Compensation of Chief Executive Officer

Policy 108        Reserve and Fund Balances

Policy 109        Debt Management Policy

Policy 200        Attendance at Educational Meetings of the Board of Directors

Policy 201        Travel and Expense Policy for the Board of Directors

Policy 202        Board Political Endorsements

Policy 203        Orientation for Board of Director Members

Policy 204        Community Representation on the District Board

Policy 205        Board of Directors Code of Conduct

Policy 206        Board Candidacy and Collection of Fees for Candidate’s Statements

Policy 301        Open and Public Meetings

Policy 302        Public Distribution of Agenda Packet

Policy 303        Request for Copies of Public Records

Policy 304        Public Hearings

Policy 305        Notice for Meetings

Policy 401        Designation and Use of Endowment Funds

Policy 403        Community Health Fund Grants

Policy 404        Community Health Fund: Administration

Policy 415        Annual Audit