Eden Health District & Davis Street Partnership

Two local healthcare agencies, Eden Township Healthcare District (dba Eden Health District) (“EHD”) and Davis Street Family Resource Center, focused on the health and wellness of residents in our communities join forces to provide enhanced medical services.

Both agencies have worked together for the past 18 months to structure a program that meets the strategic and operational goals of their respective organizations.The missions of the two nonprofit entities are closely aligned and proved to be the impetus for the ultimate formation of the partnership. EHD’s mission is to improve the health of the people in our community by investing resources in health and wellness programs. And DSFRC’s mission is to help others help themselves through short and long term assistance with programs such as, emergency food and clothing, child care centers, and a (FQHC) Primary Care Clinic housing; Medical, Dental, and Behavioral Health services.

Gordon Galvan, President of the Davis Street Board of Directors, said, “This is a natural partnership and I have no doubt the community will benefit from this effort. Dev Mahadevan, CEO of EHD and Rose Johnson, our (DSFRC) CEO have developed a unique partnership that will certainly help to improve the health outcomes in the Eden Area.”

“Davis Street approached the District about a partnership in the federally Oualified Health Center and we thought it was a natural progression of our twenty-year relationship,” said Dev Mahadevan, EHD CEO, “and after more than a year of study and consideration, the Board feels confident this is a partnership that will benefit our local communities for a long time to come.”

The benefits of the enhanced services to be provided by the DSFRC Clinic include: Expanded medical and preventive health related services to the communities both agencies serve. Assisting the District in meeting its objectives of providing preventive and expanded health related services to its service area residents. Two service areas are highlighted for expansion through the Partnership: a Diabetic Management Program and the Community Behavioral Health Program.

The EHD Board voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with DSFRC at its October 21, 2015 Board Meeting with the intent to fund expanded services for DSFRC clients. The current Agreement will be in effect through November 30, 2016  and will automatically renew for an additional year for four additional one year terms.

“I’m thrilled to launch this partnership with the Eden Township Healthcare District. It brings us full circle because it was their seed money that helped us create the first free medical clinic over 20 years ago. This new partnership will ensure access to our new FQ and all the safety net services Davis Street offers to those with the most need and least access,” said Rose Padilla Johnson, Davis Street CEO.

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